How to use homemade yogurt

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(Greek yogurt with diced pineapple)

How to use homemade yogurt

So you just made a batch of fresh, homemade yogurt from our other post here.

“So I made this 1/2 gallon or gallon of yogurt. That’s a lot! What do I do with it?”

What don’t you do with it? I mean this could be a seriously long post, and I don’t think I feel like typing that much really 🙂 Let’s just cover some of the basics and then you can roll with it from there.

Greek yogurt

One of the most popular types of yogurt today is Greek yogurt, and for good reason. Pint for pint it has a lot more protein in it than regular yogurt (about double). It’s also thicker making it a suitable sour cream substitute.

“Well, I just made regular yogurt not Greek yogurt.”

That’s right, but all Greek yogurt is is strained regular yogurt (what you just made here.) With one more step and some extra hours you can take your regular yogurt and make Greek yogurt and have some whey left over!

Here’s what you do. Depending on how much yogurt you want to strain get a sufficiently sized bowl. Rubber band some (about 5-8) layers of cheesecloth to the top of the bowl (with some slack in the cheesecloth). Pour your yogurt onto the cheesecloth and wait. 2-4 hours later (depending on how thick you want it) scrape the yogurt off the cheese cloth into a dish and you’re done. You now have a plain Greek yogurt. Us this anywhere sour cream is called for as a high protein substitute. DON’T throw away the whey! Like buttermilk, yogurt whey is just the byproduct of the process, but whey too is a liquid gold and is very versatile in the kitchen.

Yogurt cheese

Mmmm cheese. Did you know you can turn yogurt into cheese? The process is identical to the process above for making Greek yogurt only let the yogurt strain on the cheesecloth longer. To get a good yogurt cheese, let the yogurt strain for anywhere from  6 to 12 hours depending on how thick you want it. Scrape off the cheesecloth and chill in the fridge. You now have a yogurt based cream cheese substitute! Allow for about 1 cup of yogurt for every 1/3 Cup of yogurt cheese you want to end up with (that’s how much whey we strain out)

Flavored Yogurt

Plain is pretty yummy, but most people aren’t going to sit down to a bowl of plain yogurt. Add some flavor! The limits here are up to your imagination. Puree some strawberries and add a little local raw honey and stir it in. Stir in a tablespoon of organic, no sugar added fruit jams. Put 1 tablespoon of local honey and a splash of vanilla extract. Mash up some blueberries and some banana and stir it in. The point is it’s all just real food you’re adding and it’s awesome! You’re flavoring options are limited to only what ingredients you can find.


This probably will become it’s own post shortly and will link to it soon.

UPDATE: Frozen Yogurt! (10/10/2013)

I’m not sure how I left that out of the initial post! Pretty simple on this one if you have a homemade ice cream maker. Add yogurt and flavorings in to the ice cream maker and follow the directions that came with it. Yumm! I healthy treat for the family!

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