Oceans cleaned of plastics in five years

Sep 16, 2013 0

Ocean cleaning invention

Oceans cleaned of plastics in five years

Read in the link below how this 19yo’s invention could clean up the ocean of floating plastics in 5 years, and how the project could even turn a profit!

It uses water and solar energy, and uses the oceans currents to bring the plastics to it. This also would theoretically let marine life swim free. the inventory concedes that more research is needed as to the feasibility of this project. I, personally, am not sure how well tethering these to the ocean floor would work. I do love his ambition and goal. I hope he get enough discussion going and direction from experts to maybe bring some form of this plan to a reality.

At the very least he’s taking a shot at solving a problem, and maybe that in and of itself will get others working on a solution. Stating that these could have the oceans cleaned of plastics in five years sure is enough to garner some media attention. If you want experts to take notice an know your name, make a bold claim to the media and let them run with it.

Read link below from the Dailymail.co.uk for details; and thanks to www.trueactivist.com for the heads up!


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