Study says gut bacteria may fight obesity.

Sep 12, 2013 1


Gut bacteria May Fight Obesity

In line with our posts on “Americans Lack Culture”, and “Grind Fresh Flour at Home” it appears as though there are now some more scientific findings to back up our belief that we need to try to replace as much of the beneficial gut bacteria that we can.

Gut bacteria may help people fight obesity, study says

“What happened was a surprise. Certain bacteria from the lean mice invaded the intestines of the fatter mice, and their weight and metabolism improved.

But the trade was one-way — the lean mice weren’t affected.”

Our overly sterile/pasteurized lives aren’t helping us maintain the healthy gut bacteria need to fight the bad bacteria and keep our digestive system running optimally.

Also found in the study was a benefit relating to having a high fiber and low fat diet. I don’t mean buy “diet” and “low fat” everything, definitely don’t do that. However we do need to watch our calories from fats and make sure we are getting the rights fats when we do consume them.

“Moreover, the fatter mice got the bacterial benefit only when they were fed a low-fat, high-fiber diet. When Ridaura substituted the higher-fat, lower-fiber diet typical of Americans, the protective bug swap didn’t occur.”

We strongly suggest getting a grain mill and begin making breads at home. Your body will love the nutritious whole grain, non-rancid flour without any sugar or high fructose corn syrup (just natural local honey.) Also, if you don’t make it at home, take the time to look for cultured butters, quality sour creams, cultured buttermilks…etc.

There was a Saturday Night Live commercial available online where they spoofed the commercial below paid for by the Corn Refiners Association. I’m assuming the CRA didn’t appreciate being called out on their misinformation as now every link online to the SNL video has been taken down. I think the CRA has been busy with this one. There’s one working link left that I could find here at…/

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