The importance of getting enough Vitamin D

Sep 13, 2013 1
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The importance of getting enough Vitamin D

The link below is to an in depth article on Vitamin D, the importance of it, and the best sources for it. It is also a call for us to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Some of us are lucky enough to have PLENTY of sunshine all year long and can even manage a round of golf in shorts in December.

We also need to seek out rich food supplies of Vitamin D. One of my favorites is salmon. I can’t get enough of it! Also, good old lard is VERY high in Vitamin D and that good because I just made my first batch! You’ll get to see the experiment of rendering the fat down to lard and clean and white as snow shortly in an upcoming post.

Follow this link to an article on the Weston A Price foundation’s website for much more on the importance of getting enough Vitamin D.

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