100% Whole Wheat Bread

Oct 12, 2013 0
100% whole wheat bread with no white flour. The bread is wonderfully light and spongy, and has a deep complex flavor from the fresh ground whole wheat flour.
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Whole Grain Pancakes

Oct 11, 2013 0
These whole grain pancakes are light, fluffy, and have no all-purpose white flour in them at all! They are super healthy, but don't taste like it. Our kids even love them!
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Homemade Basic Mayonnaise

Oct 9, 2013 0
This is our homemade basic mayonnaise. It has a fresh and bright flavor especially due to the lemon juice and the virtually flavorless oil. This is a great mayonnaise to try to transition off of store bought mayonnaise. It is very close to store bought flavor and consistency, yet on a whole new level at the same time.
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