A little about us.

Our mission:

At Real2Live we are converting our family’s diet to a real/whole foods diet and helping others along the way. This isn’t a site that caters to a specific community who are sensitive/allergic to certain foods. We will have recipes that are safe for various diets, but it is not our focus.

We also aim to be a resource for information on healthful and less toxic materials and products that we can use in our daily lives to replace those that contain toxic chemicals.


Our food philosophy

Though we do not practice a particular set of dietary restrictions other than avoiding fake/processed foods, we do have a philosophy we try to follow. What makes us different is we believe that, generally speaking, grains should be the staple of the diet and mixed with lots of fruits and vegetables. We also believe that meat should be consumed less than it currently is. We try to limit our meat consumption to 2-3 days a week.


What we mean by “real/whole foods”


  • Organically grown
  • GMO free
  • Heritage/Ancient grains
  • Not high-yield hybridized grains
  • Whole grains
  • Fresh milled flour
  • Soaked, fermented, soured, and/or sprouted where needed

Fruits and vegetables:

  • Home grown organically where possible
  • Organically grown
  • Best when in season
  • Sustainably harvested

Meats and animal products:

  • Pastured/naturally fed
  • Fed with organic feed when needed
  • Sustainably harvested fish


  • Pastured butter and tallow
  • Lard from naturally foraged hogs
  • Cold pressed and minimally processed oils

That’s just the short list of the guidelines, but it comes down to how people used to eat before grocery stores were filled with boxed and highly processed foods. All are welcome here even if you don’t eat or believe in eating something listed above. We hope this will be a resource to all who are looking to get back to basics and eat real foods made properly.

Ultimately, our driving force behind this website was that it could be something we could pass on to our children as they grow up and learn to do these things on their own. Maybe it could even be something they use as they start their own families someday.